Maxi Tale

Starting off with my first blog post with one of my favourite clothing piece, "The Maxi Dress". Maxi dresses have it all - they are elegant, stylish, comfortable and can be worn for any occasion. It is my saviour in this scorching heat and the ultimate way of looking dressed up without doing much. Whenever in doubt I prefer a maxi because it can be easily dressed up or down.

Beyond all the charming dresses, here's the maxi that takes over me. According to me the presence of a woman can be best felt by this maxi. The woman in me electrifies when I adorn this maxi. The very moment I saw this dress in the store I knew I had to lay my hands on it. One look at it and it was L.O.V.E! 

Slipping into a maxi dress is like slipping into my own skin. I just love the way the lace is placed in this one making the pattern very feminine. I wanted the look to be simple and let the maxi take the limelight, so I wore a chunky ring with a flowery detail which simply complimented my maxi and a silver strappy sandal to add some jazz. 

Maxi dress - Pepe

Ring - Hill road, Bandra
Shoes - Gifted

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