Straddling the waistline

Is it just me or is there something undeniably swoon-worthy about a well styled skirt ensemble? Trousers are great and I am a big fan of dresses but when it comes to skirt - I am all over them.

For this blog feature I paired a black crop top with knee length striped pencil skirt for a chic ladylike look. When it comes to crop top I am a bit uncomfortable showing off my midriff in public and so I chose such a pairing. The best part about this skirt is that it is high waisted. It sucks in my stomach and clinches my waist which has a slimming effect and hugs my curves and creates a long lean shape. Also pencil skirts are a great investment piece for girls with pear and hourglass shaped bodies.

As for accessories I went for a statement necklace - an "eye magnet" to the onlookers, the diamond studs and ring making sure they don't underplay the necklace, a glittery sandal and silver purse to go with it. This makes for a sexy little outfit to go to your favourite club and dancing the night away.

Crop top and skirt - Forever21
Necklace, Earring, Ring - Hill road, Bandra
Purse and Shoes - Hong Kong

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  1. Welcome to blogging!
    I am totally crazy about pencil skirts and cropped tops!
    You look great !

    Dazzle and Sizzle
    Google +

  2. lovely :-)

    WE invite you to join Fashionlivre and participate in ongoing contest.

  3. Thanks sona. I will definitely check it out

  4. Perfect TooToo gooooood. Suits you very well

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