Garden of Delight

Everybody loves flowers, be it a bouquet, a vase, a garden, or a park. Weave them into your clothes, and you'll blossom, too.

Be bold and embrace your girly side and choose from a ditsy flower pattern, botanical look or a full-on bloom print to add a touch of romance to your wardrobe.

This gorgeous pattern is so hard to resist. The ladylike motif lends itself to sleek sophistication. The best part is that it is not a typical floral dress, it has these small squares all around which makes it stand apart from other dresses and the fabric gives it a very rich and appealing look making it appropriate for a cocktail or tea party.

As long as you keep your accessories to a minimum, you're sure to flourish in floral! Wear it with a metallic sandal like I did or classic trainer to add an urban edge to your look. And as winter is fast approaching add a solid color shawl or a biker jacket over the dress for those chilly night...

Floral dress and Sandal - Hong Kong
Ring - Suisse Ralph

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