The Sporty Chic

We all love our jogger pants, don't we? and secretly wish we could wear them outside our house without the fear of being judged, Right? Of course we don't wanna step out of the house dressed as slobs... Our wish is finally granted! New joggers are well designed and not the least bit sloppy.

I'm little bit obsessed with the slouchy, to-comfortable-to move kind of fit recently.  These are the perfect pair when you're out and about. Styling them is quite easy, just about anything you wear with everyday jeans, you can wear jogger pants. Joggers look just as awesome paired with high heels and blazer as they do with a plain tee and slip-on sneakers.

For my look I went for a cropped muscle tank, loafers, earring, tiger ring and surprisingly what looks like a necklace is actually a belt loop keychain my dash of edgy innovation to this sporty outfit and yeah wait... the backpack to stuff my everyday essentials.

If you're into clothing that's both fashionable and comfortable, then joggers will be much more than a passing fancy. I know I'll be reaching mine for years to come.

Cropped muscle tank - Forever21
Jogger pants - Forever21
Earring, ring - Hill road, Bandra
Back pack - Guess
Shoes - Gifted

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