Skirting Around

Hey there!
Weekend is finally here! What are your plans? Go out, go crazy and have fun before the boring 'Monday is back!' Mine is surely going to be fun with lot of events planned.  

Maxi skirts, as we all know, are not only one of the most comfortable, flattering, and forgiving items of clothing to wear but also easy to style and super feminine. Perfect for those days when, as hot as you may look, you feel quite the opposite, but can’t give in to a sloppy look. This closet staple works year round but feels most at home in our summer wardrobes.

Also there is a misconception that Maxi Skirts looks the best on tall people as they already have the height to carry it off. Being a petite one I find Maxi Skirts as flattering on me as any tall person - The key is to place it on the right area. As I wore the skirt at the thinnest part of my waist, it lengthens my leg and gives the illusion of me being tall. Also a fitted tank and belt adds a bit of a definition. 

Top, Belt and Earring - Hill road, Bandra
Skirt - Old
Ring - Canada
Purse - Guess
Sandal - Linking road, Bandra

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  1. You are looking beautiful n elegant always.. Beautifully carried..

  2. Very Nice

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