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It’s still summer in Mumbai, while everywhere in the world people are enjoying the beautiful fall weather, we in India are still stuck with summer. So I thought why not inject some fall colors to my wardrobe! The warmth of amber which is a mixture of burnt orange and nutty brown accents is a perfect color for fall and I can’t seem to get enough of this hue. To complete the summer dressing in fall tones I went for a midi skirt with crop top and as for the accessories gold perfectly complements amber. 

Crop top and skirt - Forever21
Necklace - Hill road, Bandra
Hand cuff and Sandal - Gifted

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  1. Its beautiful :D I love the amber skirt...
    where did you take these pictures?

  2. First you look stunning and second background is just amazing. Would you love to follow each other, let me know


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