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So by now you all know that I am a sucker for anything soft, delicate and super feminine. But do you know why I always go for these styles? Well first of all I do get attracted to these kinda clothing item and I love wearing one pieces but other than that I believe in emphasizing the areas that I love the most. 

We all keep on complaining that we have fat thighs, bulgy stomach, huge upper body or something or the other. The truth is no one is perfect so instead of focusing on the areas you hate the most, highlight the ones you love. Know your body type, your style and the area you love accentuating and that does not always mean showing skin. As for me I love highlighting my collar bone and calf area (the lower half of my leg) as I feel they are perfectly toned and I am able to show skin but in a more sophisticated manner. 

One thing you might not believe is that the dress I am wearing is 27 years old and no, I’m not kidding! This dress is passed on to me by my mother and I'm absolutely in love with it. The accordion pleats in a bold color adds ladylike sensibility to the outfit while the sleek and minimalist accessories ensure the focus remains on the dress. 

Dress - Mommy's
Necklace - Linking road, Bandra
Ring and Sandal - Gifted
On my lips - Pure brick (Aishwarya Rai) by L' Oreal Paris Pure reds star collection

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