Cool and Casual


T-shirt and Tote Bag - The Souled Store
Skirt - Old
Choker, Earring and Loafers - Linking Road, Bandra
Watch - Titan

This post is about two things I am currently addicted to. First has to be caffeine, not that I over indulge but I do enjoy a nice sip of the brew from time to time and the other is FRIENDS. I am on a binge watching spree right now and I ain’t complaining y’all. So what better than my outfit depicting my current state of mind? 

This FRIENDS: I’ll be there for you T-shirt and the Caffeine addicted tote bag from The Souled Store completely rationalize my addiction for these two things. The Souled Store is an online portal that offers a variety of awesome products like graphic t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, phone cases and other fun stuff. Also if you’re a fan of Friends, Harry potter, Scooby doo, Batman or any other quirky fun stuff I must tell y’all won’t get disappointed. 

As for the styling of this outfit I paired the T-shirt with a midi skirt to attain a polished yet casual look. Sleek back ponytail with some bobby pins, choker, tote bag and my trusty shimmer loafers help complete the look.

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  1. I'm also a coffee addict, I love your outfit, it's so sassy and chic you look so fab ^^

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