Black Swan

It doesn’t always take a short hemline to be sexiest girl. All black is extra fierce. There is something so powerful about it and if you don’t agree with me The Arden Dress from Stalkbuylove will definitely make you. There are some dresses that when worn can instantly make you feel so much confident and like a total badass. This Stakbuylove dress with the cutout details was just that. Although this is a simple black look, the detail from the silhouette and sandal makes it very strong and bold. It also plays as a great canvas to play with shapes and cut.


Dress - Stalkbuylove
Earrings - Ssoul Jewelry
Sandal - Soul to sole

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  1. Dude awesome dress...I loved the back profile image... a scene out of a movie

  2. Elegance and attitude, superb girl. Keep up the good work

  3. Love your black dress, it's amazing.

  4. Loved the way you pulled the dress off!
    Maybe have a peek at my blog too! !
    xo Priyanjana


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