Product Review - Organic Harvest Anti tan Scrub and Mask, Monsoon Sunscreen and Shea Lip Repair

Around a month ago I’ve had the chance to attend the launch of Organic harvest store at Juhu. This is their 4th exclusive store in Mumbai and if you’re not familiar with the Brand - Organic Harvest is an organic skin care brand whose products are not only natural but also vegan, gluten free, cruelty free and GMO free. I tried four products from their range and after using them for more than a month and almost half emptying the bottles here’s my review of them also a visual diary of the Store launch and Bloggers Meetup.

Anti Tan Scrub and Mask

I started using the scrub and mask to get rid of the unevenness and pigmentation in my skin. Many of you might not know this but I wear specs and because of that I have always noticed unevenness around my temple and cheeks. Also my face gets tanned very easily than my body. The day I used these products I felt they weren’t really going to work cause as soon as I used the scrub and mask I could see changes but it lasted only for 4 hours and then I was back to normal. But I decided to use them for a month cause you can’t judge the product in one use, right? 

The Scrub contains liquid Shea butter which helps fight sunburn, Pro Vitamin B5 hydrates the skin, improves softness and elasticity and olive oil moisturizes the skin. It comes in a cream base which isn’t greasy or overly creamy. The smell of the scrub is something I am not very fond of. On application the granules were tiny and fine. It exfoliates the dead cells without being harsh but it does dry my skin a bit.

The Mask contains Seaweed jelly which helps remove tan, olive oil moisturizes the skin and mulberry and daisy flower extract provides glow to the skin. Again this comes in a cream base and it has a sort of nutty scent which I love. After using the scrub this mask does a great job of adding back the moisture to my skin and gives a glowing effect.

Overall after using the products for a month I could see visible changes in my skin. The unevenness and pigmentation have reduced to a certain extent. The only downside is the price of these two products. 

Retails for -
Scrub - Rs.495/-
Mask - Rs.495/-

Monsoon Sunscreen

As the name suggest this sunscreen is specially formulated for the monsoon season with an SPF of 30. The consistency of this sunscreen is runny which makes it very easy to apply. It has a satin soft feel to it and goes dewy on application even though it promises to be matte. This sunscreen also doubles up as a moisturizer and also works as a good base for makeup. Plus it doesn’t leave a white caste. 

Retails for - Rs.495/-

Shea Lip Repair

First thing first I have to always remind myself not to eat this lip balm - It smells so yummilicious. As soon as you open the cap you can smell the goodness of Shea butter. Apart from the obvious Shea butter it also contains Jojoba oil and together these two help to keep your lips nourished and moisturized. Overall, a great lip balm for all seasons.

Retails for - Rs.199/-

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