Pajama Trend

Slept a little too much and then got late for work or that important meeting, well that’s the life story of most of us. Just wish that you could get up from bed and still look great? What if you could double up your Sleepwear as an Outerwear? Sounds like a dream come true right? It seems like pajama dressing is the new “IT" thing right now. Bed dressing is no longer reserved solely for the bedroom. Sleepwear = Outerwear is one of the easiest but the trickiest way to get dressed. You either look luxe or could end up looking sloppy. 

The key to pulling off the pajama trend is pairing it with pieces you already have in your wardrobe. A simple pair of jeans and a pajama shirt with the right accessories can do the trick. Don’t restrict yourself with just pajama shirts by day, you can even experiment with silk robes, camisoles and pajama style silk trousers. 


Pajama Shirt - Daddy's
Jeans - Levis
Purse - Gifted
Choker, earring and sunglass - Thrifted
Sandal - Forever21

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