Silver dawn

Out of the 365 possible date nights in the year, February 14 by far has the most buildup. Whether you’re on a first date or you’ve been going strong Significant other for a decade or more, there’s always an undeniable stress around what to wear.

So why not alleviate a bit of that stress by finding the perfect outfit for the occasion? My ideal ensemble to celebrate this love filled day is this dress I picked up from Zara about a month ago. A perfect harmony of architecture, subtle color and pleats to play up the romantic side with a glamorous gown. A touch of fancy with diamonds and for a chilly winter night just drape a luxe coat over your shoulders and you’re golden.


Dress - Zara
Accessories - Thrifted

Location courtesy - Blanco 

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  1. Great outfit, beautiful background! Regres form Poland :)

  2. Absolutely great look,and love the background, gives such a dramatic filter to the complete look xxo

  3. Beautiful! Love where you've taken these photos

    The Quirky Queer

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