Green Queen

Being a petite person the one thing I always struggle with is finding the right size and right fit. With not many brands offering the custom sizing option at times I either end up not buying a clothing item at all or do away with getting it altered. 

With the recent launch of eShakti a well known brand in the USA as the #1 in women’s custom clothing in India I decided to give this one a try. What I found super interesting about eShakti is that apart from the standard sizes, I get to customize an outfit to my size. Well the customization part doesn’t end there you can even choose neckline, sleeves and length to suit you! Also you are not just limited to dresses, they have a wide variety of tops, jeans, skirts and pants to select from. And from the look of it I am definitely impressed with the quality and fit of the dress. 


Dress - eShakti India
Earring and Ring - Hill road, Bandra
Sandal - Zara

Location Courtesy - Mumbai Vibe

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  1. Absolutely stunning outfit lovely!

    Isobel x

    New video:

  2. Love this look! Very beautiful

    xxx, Eva

  3. I love your dress, it's really beautiful. I also do custom which are usually made for me by my couturier

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