How to take your Wardrobe to Next Level

Shopping for me is more than just buying clothes. It’s more like a me time and a therapy and at times burning a big hole in my pocket. I think all of us can totally relate to this one. 

From being a person who bought every single thing she liked to being a lil more smart about my purchases. Over the years I have understood that a perfect wardrobe is not about stocking clothes or having a large wardrobe or having every trendy piece. It’s all about maintaining a balance and buying clothing items that suit your body and style. So here are few of the shopping tips which I swear by.

Whenever I go shopping I usually make a mental note of things I am looking for that helps me narrow down things that I need urgently to things that can be postponed but I don’t stop myself from trying out pieces that catches my attention in the store. Also while trying out clothes I usually like to consider the fit, price, clothing items I already own and if I pair it up with them and the last one if I really love the piece and would wear it in multiple ways.

Hope you enjoy these tips and I would love to know all your secret shopping mantras comment them down below. 

Sonam K


Crop top and Denim vest - Forever21
Skirt - Old
Necklace - Gifted
Sneakers, Sunglasses and Ring - Linking Road, Bandra

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