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So a few days ago one of you guys asked me if I could share a beach wedding guest outfit idea on my Instagram and I was more than excited to take up the challenge as I have never been to a beach wedding before. Beach weddings generally tend to have a laid back feel while being glamorous at the same time. 

Keeping the theme in mind I automatically gravitated towards my favourite colour - BLUE with soft prints and halter neck which would make the cut for a beach wedding. A halter neck dress shows skin in a refreshing way. It unexpectedly highlights your collarbone and shoulders plus the conservative neckline also allows you to get adventurous with your hemline or low cut back in my case, all the while maintaining a sophisticated look. As for the accessories I kept them in the same colour palette as the dress with pops of yellow, green and lilac, a hint of silver with the stilettos and a fancy bun to top it off. 


Dress - Ann taylor
Earring - Ssoul Jewelry
Ring - Hill road, Bandra
Sandal - Sole to Soul

Location Courtesy - The Boston Butt

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  2. Fabulous dress! Hope the wedding was fun! Those earrings were a perfect match too! Lovely summer look.

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