Rethinking Your Wardrobe

One thing every single one of us can relate to during the party season is to not have enough clothes for all the fun events or at times the problem of not repeating clothes. And at such confusing moments I like getting creative with my outfits and try combinations I did rather dread to wear. 

One such combination has to be this outfit. To tell you the truth I have worn skirts as dresses several times and you might have seen me wearing it here on the blog as well. But wearing a skirt as a top along with pants has never been my forte. Somehow an outfit idea like this felt like a far fetched dream. Although the skirt as dress looks good just as it is, the pant with a lacy hem adds the much needed chicness to the look. Topping everything off with a hint of rouge and a sprinkle of gold.

- Sonam K

Top (Aka skirt) - eShakti India
Pant - Local boutique in Singapore
Earring, Bracelet and Ring - Thrifted 
Purse - Esbeda
Belt - Hill road, Bandra
Shoes - Coverstory

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