7 Summer Getaway Outfits

Get those itineraries and maybe your passports ready because summer vacation is finally here! Whether you’re headed to a mini vacay, beach weekend or exotic international destination you’ll need amazing outfits for all your travel plans. So here's a round up of my favourite summer getaway looks.

Print clash

Animal print ✔️
Checks ✔️
Florals ✔️

One of my favourite outfit for any vacay is to go for a print clash. Mixing prints is purely an instinctive look. Try to mix and match bubbly prints to create a breathtaking strong visual. 

 Aztec story

An aztec print always screams summer to me and what better than to include it in your vacay style. These prints are crazy, cool, funky and chic. Keeping the blue and white color palette in mind I kept my accessories in the same color family. Fresh, vibrant and striking, aztec print always makes a statement.

Dress over pants

Pairing dress with pants is the ultimate way to upgrade your wardrobe. It looks modern and gives dresses that cool tomboy contrast. 

Stripe Parade

Stripes are to summer what Christmas is to winter. I took the sporty route to stripes this time with a sprinkle of grunge. Styled my stripes with a white T-shirt, sneakers, choker and space bun for a casual day out.

Color Blocking 

Think bold hues paired together to create an eye catching ensemble. It’s simply the easiest and best solution to I have nothing to wear dilemma. 

Slip dress

This 90’s mainstay is back with a vengeance and I’m in love with the lingerie inspired body skimming style. The quickest way to turning this sexy piece to daytime appropriate is to layer it over a T-shirt. 

Summer layering 

Since it’s summer, layering doesn’t always seem like the best idea. But layering in breathable fabrics like chiffon, mesh or lace adds interest to your look while still allowing you to feel every glorious, cooling breeze. It’s all about the art of balance and playing with proportions.

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