6 Ways to Style a Mini Skirt

As the sun gets hotter, hemlines get shorter. My uniform for the last few months has been mini skirt, mini skirt and mini skirts! Since it’s time to bear those legs, mini skirts make for a perfect choice. Have a crazy miniskirt in your closet? Here are six ways you can style it.

Go sporty with athleisure wear and sneakers.

Bodysuit and mini skirt!! A match made in fashion heaven.

Compliment the mini skirt by adding texture add-ons like silk leopard print bandana and suede purse. 

Bring out the sexy alluringness of the mini skirt by pairing it with an off shoulder top. 

Add a little drama to the mini skirt by going ultra slinky in a slip top, bold lips and bright color jacket.

Play off the pattern by choosing a top in a contrasting color. 

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