8 End Of Summer Outfits

Summer feels like this little love affair I have each year. The excitement to see it start in February and as it creeps closer I’m racing to update my wardrobe to welcome it home. When it’s here though and especially this year, it can be a little intense. Coming on a bit too strong and I feel like I am ready for a change of weather, even though I know it’s going to outstay its welcome for a few more days. So here’s a little recap of my favourite summer outfits.

Mini dresses are a summer staple and what better than a baby blue mini with florals?

Leave the tropical prints and embrace the botanical prints in neon shades and maxi skirt for the last days of summer.

Maxi dress are perfect for those who are looking for comfort without sacrificing glamour.

Staying on the neutral grounds with beige, black and a rosy tint for a chic sophisticated look. 

A slinky slip top, mini skirt and leopard print jacket makes for a perfect party outfit.

Ruffles and asymmetric hemline adds a playful spin to a formal button up shirt and when paired with shorts takes to another level of chicness.

Styling my favourite sheer shirt with a maxi skirt along with a crown braid for a perfect mix of androgynous style.

Keeping it easy breezy with an LBD and bright color jacket. 

- Sonam K

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