What To Wear At An Indian Summer Wedding

There are many things I love about Indian culture, but hands down, one of my favourite aspects is weddings! And if you’re like me, weddings are also your chance to dress up in your finest Indian clothes and jewellery. What can I say? It might not be your big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull out all the stops! Also summer weddings are notably my favourite since I get to play with soft hues and unexpected elements like ruffles, fringes and feathers.

- Sonam K 

Indian summer weddings and the ‘dove’ colour are a coupling made in comfort heaven. The neutral colour makes a fantastic base for all sorts of colour combinations, repels heat and makes you look absolutely poised and polished for any occasion. The tulle, colourful beads on the choli and a hint of colour on the dupatta adds the perfect amount of quirkiness to this snowy outfit. 

A floral lehenga is an endless love affair! It’s fun and has that girly bomb feel to it. This amazing floral lehenga teamed up with a sequinned choli is a contemporary take on the traditional lehenga and is surely going to turn heads!

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  1. Oh wow so many gorgeous looks! I love that ruffled multi tiered skirt and top. You look beautiful!


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