How To Shop Your Closet

One of my primary goals this year was to minimize shopping and maximize my closet. It’s been 7 months since I went shopping and to my surprise I came up with 50 outfit ideas using what I owned (few of which I have already shared on the blog). The reason why I wanted to shop my closet was to see if I can live up to this challenge I set for myself and also wear the pieces that have been untouched in my wardrobe. So here are few ways you can SHOP YOUR CLOSET.

Sonam Khemlani

Get organised 
If you can’t see your clothes, you don’t know what you have. Make sure you always keep your clothes organised, also get rid of pieces that don’t fit, are damaged or dated.

Look for inspiration

Use Pinterest, Instagram and Other social networks for styling ideas. Search for items you have and you may find inspiration on how to style it.

Save your outfits Ideas
Create record of all your outfit ideas with photos. Keeping a digital record of your outfits will help you save time later.

Get your basics right

Separate your basics from your trendy pieces. These pieces are the canter of every look. Your trendy or novelty pieces are everything else. 

Get creative with colors 
The easiest way to get started with this challenge is to mix your existing clothes in unexpected color combinations.

Add accessories
Necklaces, earrings, shoes, purses and belts, these bad boys can change any outfit, at any time, in an instant be it dressy or casual.

Break out of your clothing rut
Push yourself outside your comfort zone and try different outfit combinations. 

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